25 Tips to More Effective Marketing on Pinterest

PinterestPinterest is the 4th largest generator of website traffic on the internet, it generates more revenue than the other top 5 social media sites, and is becoming increasingly more friendly towards business – are you marketing on Pinterest yet?

 25 Marketing Tips for Pinterest

1. Set Up a Business Page: Pinterest now allows for business accounts. Whether you are setting up a new account, or converting an established personal account – a business account is easy to set up, will provide for increased branding, and make it easier for you to be found.

2. Verify your Account: This is another recent addition from Pinterest. Verification will add a red checkmark next to your account and will help consumers to see you more trustworthy. It also allows you to display your full website URL on your Pinterest account.

3. Like other social media networking platforms, it is important to interact with other users. Try to spend time “liking”, re-pinning, and commenting on their content.

4. Descriptions: include descriptions with your images. Use keywords and your company name when relevant to the pin – it will help other users find your content and will help with branding as the description will stay with the image as it is re-pinned around the community.

5. When appropriate, tag other Pinterest users in the description box by adding “@username” in the description box.

6. Pin regularly, and from multiple sources – original content, re-pins, and other online sources.

7. Use the Pinterest Search bar to search for content to re-pin. It is located in the top left-hand side to Pinterest pages.

8. Pin Videos. Static images are not the only content that works well on Pinterest.

9. Create boards around products or services that you offer.

10. Add “Follow me on Pinterest” buttons to your website and blog.

11. Add a “Pin it!” button to the bottom of blog posts so that readers can share your blog content.

12. Increase your “likes” by 36% by adding prices to your product pins. Prices can be added by adding the money symbol “$” followed by the amount in the description box. Adding a price could also allow your products to be featured in the Pinterest “Gifts” section.

putting prices on pinterest products

13. Create a company board to highlight team members, work space, and company events. Building a new office or renovating existing work space? Post updates on you company board.

14. Add staff members as “contributors”. Your boards will be more active and diverse. Consider developing a “contributor” policy if you’re concerned about content.

15. Create boards with your tutorials or product instructions.

16. Create boards for strategic partners, suppliers, and affiliates. Highlight your partnerships and invite them to contribute to the pages.

17. Create client boards, either for your best clients, or randomly highlight them. Invite them to participate on the boards.

18. Do you teach classes or make presentations? Consider creating boards to be used in conjunction with your classes. They could include lead up information, or be created post-presentation as a summary. Include pictures of class participants.

19. Attending a conference? Create a board about the conference. Invite other attendees to contribute.

20. Create a board to highlight community work and projects that your company or employees participate in.

21. Share images of your town or city. Attractions, restaurants, businesses, architecture, special events, etc.

22. Do you market to multiple personas? Create boards for each of your personas.

23. Create a board pinning books related to you industry.

24. Create seasonal and holiday related boards.

25. If you have a WordPress website or blog, get a plug-in to display most recent pins on your pages.

Bonus: Your boards do not all have to be business related. Do you and your employees share outside interests or hobbies? Create a board around those and invite employees to participate. It’s good for company morale and can open up networking opportunities with others that share those same interests.

As always in social media, have fun, engage regularly, reach out to connect and be authentic!

Thanks for reading. Questions and comments are welcome and appreciated.

What other strategies are you using or hinking of using on Pinterest? What kind of results are you seeing from your efforts on Pinterest?

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