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LinkedIn Offers Personalized Banner Image for Company Pages

LinkedIn Banner for Company PagesThis shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone, right?  With Facebook, Google+, and more recently Twitter offering personalized banner images for your page header, we knew that LinkedIn couldn’t be far behind.

Add a Banner Image to Your LinkedIn Company Page

1. Go to your Company Page: If you’ve “followed” your company page, then you will find it listed in a dropdown menu when you hover over the “Companies” tab in LinkedIn’s primary navigation. If not, simply click the “Companies” tab to open up a search bar, search for and open your company page.

Company on LinkedIn

2. Click the  “Upload an Image Now” link on the gold bar.

Add image to LinkedIn

3. Scroll down (below the fold) to find the “Add Image” box – click “Add image”.

image box

4. Click “Browse” to find your image – your final image will be 646×220, but LinkedIn will give you an opportunity to crop your image if it is bigger than that – and select your image. Crop as needed and click “Upload” and “Save”

upload picture

That’s all there is to it!

When Twitter added the banner image last month, I was talking with someone that mentioned that they thought that the banner was a nice addition to Twitter, but he really hoped that LinkedIn didn’t follow suit. At the time, I tried picturing the banner on the individual profiles and had a tough time seeing the value of it, but, as it turns out, it’s a nice addition to the Company Page.

I’ve never really given the LinkedIn Company Page much thought, or considered it to be of much value, however it’s changing and growing, and LinkedIn announced that this is just the beginning of changes for the Company Pages. Definitely worth keeping an eye on in the future!

What are your thoughts on the new Company Pages? Do you plan to use them more? If so, what are your goals and strategies?

Thanks for reading. As always, comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated!


Twitter Now Offers Personalized Banner Image Headers!

Twitter’s joining Facebook and Google+ this week, allowing users to add a banner style image to their headers.

The Home, Connect, and Discover tab pages remain the same, but a new “Me” section will be added to your primary Twitter navigation bar.

Twitter Banner

Your banner image will also house your Profile picture, name, Twitter name, biography, location, and website address.

Adding a Banner Image to Your Twitter Account

1. Choose an Image: The picture will end being 520×260, but Twitter will give you the opportunity to customize what you see before you finalize it, so you don’t have to worry about sizing it exactly.

Twitter recommends using a image that is 1200×600, but I used a 520×260 and it worked out well.

Remember that the text will be white and will be competing with your image for the reader’s attention. Try to pick an image that will allow the reader to easily see and read the text.

2. Once you’ve logged into your Twitter account, select “Settings”.


3. Then click on “Design” on the left-hand side of the page, and scroll down until you see the “Customize Your Own” option.

4. Click Change Header.

5. Select your photo, adjust the “Image Display”, and “Save”.

6. “Save Changes” at the bottom of the Settings page.

7. Click the “Me” navigation tab to see your new header.

Notice the Links on the left-hand side of the page – they give visitors the option to view your Tweets, who you’re following, who is following you, Tweets that you’ve favored, and your lists.

Thanks for reading. What are your thoughts on the new Twitter banner headers? Please share your header ideas or any unique designs that you find by linking to them in the comments section below.

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Facebook is for Likes Not Leads

Qualified LeadsIs your business on Facebook? How’s that working out for you? No, seriously- I’m curious.

900 million people on Facebook . . . how many leads have you gotten from them?

Having read just about everything under the sun about marketing on Facebook and with three years experience marketing my own business and several of my client’s businesses there (and other social media platforms), I’ve come to some conclusions about Facebook’s potential as a small business marketing tool.

Honestly, this is something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now, but it took a great article by Ken Mueller a couple of weeks ago to actually get me to put “pen to paper” so to speak.

The truth is, most of those 900 million people aren’t there to be marketed to. And frankly, Facebook doesn’t make it that easy for businesses to connect with them.

I think Facebook can be very effective for some businesses:

1. Famous: Your company or brand is well known. Pepsi, Victoria Secret, and Skittles don’t have any trouble drawing people to their Facebook pages. Even if you are only “niche” famous it can work – you just need to have a following that will search for your brand.

2. Engaging with Existing Clients: If the goal for your Facebook page is to engage your existing clients, and you have clients that are enthusiastic supporters of your brand, you can build a strong community around those clients. I have seen this work well for some service businesses.

3. Local: If you have a business that has a very “local” focus, and there is an active Facebook community in your area, it can be an effective marketing platform. We have a small bookstore in our area that does a great job of connecting with community members, using invites to announce author readings, and posts information about new arrivals at the bookstore.

4. Advertising: The Facebook paid advertising platform can be a good way to bring visitors to your Page and to grow your community. However, it does cost money, and you have to create very narrowly focused ads to ensure that you’re actually building a community that is interested in your product or service, or face wasting that money.

Reasons to have a Facebook Page:

Improved Search Engine Placement: If there is strong competition for your business name, even within non-competing industries, a Facebook page can appear high in Search Engine rankings making your business more searchable.

I once put a proposal together for a company called Crystal Solutions – the first of their many SEO challenges was that you could not find their company even by searching the company name – there were too many other businesses with that name to compete against.

Improved SEO: Social is becoming, and will continue to become, more influential in search results. Among the leaders in affecting SEO from a social media standing are Facebook likes and shares.

But . . .

I am not arguing against businesses having a Facebook Page, in fact I recommend it for most businesses, however it is not a case of “build it and they will come”. Most businesses will not find Facebook to be a significant or meaningful source of leads, and will be challenged simply to build a following and develop any kind of engagement with that following.

If this has been, or is your experience on Facebook, you’re not alone . . . and you don’t need to abandon your Facebook Page. However, you may want to re-evaluate your goals, and make sure that your expectations are realistic.

If you’re expending your limited marketing resources (money or time) on Facebook, with the goal of developing internet marketing leads, you may want to re-consider your marketing options to get the most from you investment! There are better options for many businesses!

Having said all of that  . . . we offer curated Facebook Marketing articles on our Facebook page. If you are going to be on Facebook, and want access to some of the best Facebook Marketing articles on the web, we try to deliver everyday!  We’d love to see you there!

What has your Facebook experience been? Have you been disappointed in the results or has it been a goldmine of leads for you?