Would you Rather be “Thanked” or Re-tweeted?

Re-TweetThis is not a rhetorical question – I’d really like to know!

Sandy Appleyard, one of my Triberr tribe-mates, recently posted an interesting article, 5 Easy Steps to Get Massive Retweets on Twitter.

Like many of us, Sandy(@sandyappleyard) likes to personally acknowledge those that share her content on Twitter. For most of us, that means clicking on “reply” and tweeting out a “thank you”. That’s how Sandy used to do it too – but not anymore.


In fact, in her post, Sandy goes so far as to suggest that you should stop thanking your connections for re-tweets. Instead you should “reciprocate” – re-tweet one of their posts or tweets.


As a result of using this strategy, her Twitter “interactions” have become a “massive re-tweeting frenzy“.

Hmmm . . .

The beauty of reciprocation is that instead of taking the time each night to write “thank you” tweets, I can instead spend that time helping those that have helped me, while providing more valuable content for my twitter stream. Win – win?

What are your thoughts on twitter reciprocation instead of a “thank you”? Would you still recognize it as an act of appreciation?

Very curious to hear your thoughts.

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