Get More Google (Facebook, Yelp . . .) Business Reviews

by Jul 22, 2020SEO


Get more Google reviewsFor many businesses, whether by choice or simply as a result of a lack of time, getting reviews is left as an organic process – they try to provide the best customer service they can and hope that the client will leave a review.

Unfortunately, everyone is busy, and your customer, satisfied that his/her need for your product or service has been met, has moved onto the next to-do on their list without another thought for your business.

Is it possible to get more reviews? Absolutely, research suggests that 85% of consumers are willing to leave reviews, but they won’t come without planning or effort.

Get More Google Business Reviews

Assuming that you’re already providing “review-worthy” customer service, the following steps will help you collect more business reviews.

1. Claim or create pages on the review sites that are important to you and your customers.

For most businesses, this would mean at minimum, Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp.

2. Actively ASK for reviews. I realize that this can be uncomfortable for many people, but it is the most effective method for encouraging more reviews.

Don’t put off asking for a review – the closer it is to the transaction, the better. When appropriate, ask your customer in person, but don’t feel shy about following up with a phone call, text message, email, or on social media. Be prepared to send out a few friendly reminders.

Make asking for a review a priority with your staff. Explain the importance of reviews to growing the business, train them on how to do it properly, then insist upon follow through.

3. Make it easy for your customer to leave a review:

a. Offer a kiosk at your place of business so they can leave a review while they are there.

b. Create a Google Review link, and provide a link to the review form/page for your customers.

c. Offer multiple review sites so that the customer can use the one they are most comfortable with.

d. Create a “How to Leave a Review,” document. Make them available at your business, include them in your email reminder, and make accessible through download from your website. Include sample reviews as part of the document.

4. Use Passive means to collect reviews as well.

a. Add a request and link to your email signature, website, social media platforms, and business cards.

b. Put signs up around your store reminding customers that you appreciate their reviews.

c. Display your reviews on your websites and share them on social media.

d. If you deliver your product or service to your customer, leave behind a card asking them for a review.

5. Be a good listener. Listen for customer compliments whether in-person or on social media, and use that compliment as a prompt to request a review.

6. Contact former clients and customers. If you are just now starting to focus on collecting reviews, don’t be afraid to create a campaign to reach out to past clients and ask for reviews.

7. Respond to all reviews – both positive and negative. While this does not directly increase the number of reviews you will receive, it’s important that the people who take the time to leave a review for you feel heard and appreciated.

8. Ask Vendors that service your business for a review. Leave a review for your vendor first, and you can feel confident in asking for a review from them in return.

9. Use a managed review software. Review software can help maintain a system for collecting, responding to, and displaying reviews, all the while saving you valuable time to focus on your business.

Our solution includes:

Get more customer reviews

  • Requesting reviews through email or SMS
  • Automated follow-up messages to prompt customers to leave a review
  • Reviews are gathered and tracked on one dashboard
  • Respond to positive reviews
  • You will quickly be alerted to any negative reviews
  • Kiosk software so that you can collect reviews at your business
  • Sharing reviews on social media
  • Displaying reviews on your website
  • and more . . .

Contact us to schedule a demonstration or to learn more about our program.

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